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Limited Collection

The BellaVios Limited Collection is a handpicked collection based on the jewelry being either unique in style or something special from our artisan and jewelry expert, Deborah J. Birdoes. There is typically a limited inventory available for purchase and deals are generally exclusive to BellaVios. So check back often to see what is available in the BellaVios Limited Collection. You will also receive jewelry with a message as a free value added gift with your next purchase.

Jewelry with a Message

The BellaVios Limited Collection is a handpicked collection that provides you “Jewelry with a Message” by Deborah J. Birdoes.

Jewelry from the limited collection and other select items in categories like pendants, and earrings will include your choice of a complimentary Jewelry with a Message card containing special words of hope and joy by Deborah. This inspiration and encouragement of scriptures and poems will help create a BellaVios moment.

These messages will compliment your beautiful jewelry selection while creating a memorable moment in your life. This can deepen your faith while giving you added inspiration as you reflect upon your Jewelry with a Message.

You're A Gem

Our vibrant gemstone jewelry, vintage or classic, makes the perfect gift for any occasion.

A Few of Our Favorites

stud earrings

Our timeless stud earrings are an everyday favorite, and will never go out of style.

tennis bracelets

Match. Set. Point. With a mix of stones and diamonds, our elegant tennis bracelets have never looked more dazzling.

halo engagement rings

Classic stone shapes surrounded by a stunning halo design to enhance the beauty of your ring.

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