About Deborah J. Birdoes

Our world knows many jewelry designers, and it knows multitudes of good people of faith. But on the rare occasion when The Lord gives us one who is both, her name is Deborah J Birdoes.

When you think of “Jewelry with a Message”, it is synonymous with her name. With a passion for, and love of people, Deborah has created collections of jewelry offering hope, love, joy and comfort for those looking for that “something different” in a special piece of jewelry. Each piece of jewelry always accompanies special words of comfort; valuable little designs that say, “I know this is how you feel”. They live in the energy that created them and lie softly in the poems that accompany them.

Jewelry with a Message

“I take no credit for the designs I create. I give that to God! I just make the words dance with visual concepts. The “desire of my heart” is that the words come alive for people as they wear the jewelry which has for them a “special message or meaning”. The pieces were created to be unique to the person who buys them or receives them as a gift.”

Deborah has always had a flair for design and beautiful objects, which began at the age of 29 decorating homes for an interior design company. From there, she became a buyer and traveled extensively looking for unusual items for her clients. In the meantime, she continued writing poetry, as her three children were growing up. Combining her passion for design and poetry for nearly three decades, “Jewelry with a Message” came naturally. Today her designs are available all over the world. “My lifetime verse, “He will perfect that which concerns me” is unfolding before my own eyes. Dare to Dream, one of my creations, has been one of the cornerstones of my life.”

A Gift That Keeps Giving

“Years later, I cannot explain the joy it brings me to see a person wearing one of my creations and explaining the meaning behind the jewelry to someone else. I feel it is a gift that keeps giving. I love creating the poem as much as I love designing the piece. When I hear feedback of how the poem was exactly how they were feeling and it brought them comfort, I fill up with joy.” My lifelong wish is that they bring you the same joy in wearing or giving them as I received in creating them.”